Tara & Miranda: Best Friends with Big Dreams


Tara Rhodes has been fascinated with one question throughout her many experiences: what does it take to allow people to show up at their best for the greater good, no matter the circumstances? The need to answer this question has become stronger with time and experience - from university to living and travelling overseas, to working in fast paced, results-driven work environments. This ultimately led her to becoming a certified coach, and being fully committed to teaching others how to value connection to purpose, self and others through coaching (the most powerful tool she has experienced) and training. 

Married and a mom of two boys, you can find Tara in the middle of a game with her kids, or staying curious about why everything has to be so active! In her down time, she is voraciously reading non-fiction, singing along to her favourite music/musical, or watching a fabulous romantic comedy. 


Miranda Donald is inspired by the beauty of the world around her.  When there is an experience to be had you can find her running head-long towards it - especially if there’s food involved!  

It is this love of all things experiential which has guided her throughout her life.  From performing on stage, travelling the world with her husband, and now to the exciting chapter of becoming an certified professional coach and entrepreneur, Miranda’s story continues to unfold.  The path has been anything but predictable and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

During times like these, she understands that you may be reprioritizing and you may be longing for change.  If you’re wondering where to begin, you’ve come to the right place.  Miranda knows how to navigate new beginnings and she is committed to helping others live their lives on purpose.

Today Miranda is living the condo life in downtown Toronto.  You will often find her and her husband, Mike, clutching coffee at the local dog park with their endlessly energetic dog, Frank.

They are here to offer you the same level of support and depth of friendship they have experienced together so that you can step out of the hustle and come back to centre, to who you really are. 


If this sounds like something you'd like more of in your life, you've come to the right place.  Just think of Tara and Miranda as the newest additions to your squad of besties!